1) Shri Ketan G.Khasia Is nominated as General Secretary of OBC Association WR. 2) OBC Faderation/Association included in PREM. 3) Board has granted IInd AC Card passes to Divisional Secretary/President of Division/Extra division level. 4)PREM Meeting of board level will be held on 3/9/2013 in railway Board.

Maintanance of complain Register at various places for redressing grievances of OBC Employees. OBC employee may be allowed to register the complain in complain register.

Free of cost staying facilities in informal meeting at ZEC/DEC/BEC level. (Ref No.E(SCT)I/71/2 Dtd.l1/7/02.)

The co-operative credit society operating on your railway /Production unit may be Requested to amend the policies to 27% reservation for OBCs in rect. (Board"s letter No.2003-E(SCT)I/22/27 Dtd.3/3/2004.)

GM"s meeting held on 14/6/07 in board with MOSR(N) & it was decided that GM should ensure that complain! grievances of OBC railway employees are examined at judici ouly keeping in view ofthe existing instructions & in case of genuine harassment may be looked by GM at his own level.

(Board"s letter No.2 005—E(SCT)I/78/l Dtd.5/8/05.)

OBC office bearers may be treated properly & with due respect. ( GM(E)CCG’s letter No.E/SCT/ 1 160/ 14/43 (OBC)Dtd.l7/7/01.

Railway auto telephone may be provided in the office & alos provide the Notice board at suitable places.(GM(E)CCG’s No.E/SCT/ 1 160/ 1 4/43 (OBC)Dtd.24/9/03.

Whenever MR/MOSR/GM/PHODs visit to railway OBC Association may be allowed to meet for their grievances not in a general nature.(Board’s letter No.97—E(SCT)I/22/ 12 Dated.24/ 12/98.

New furnitures may be provided to OBC Associatiuon in lieu of old.(Table,3 to 4 chairs,electric city .Fan etc.(Board’ No.2008-E(SCT)1/22/27 Dtd,28/5/08.

STD Railway telephone to the residence of GS/ZP/Wkg. President for CEC/Zonal level.(R1y.Board’s letter No.2003-E(SCT)l]22/27 Part.VH Dtd.14/7/04.

lst class card passes to GS/&ZP/Working president at Zonal level &up to Delhi allowing it inb Rajdhani/Shatabdi Exp.(Board"s letter No.

OBC Association office bearers may be allowed to see the post based rosters for recruitment (Board’s letter No.E(OBC)l 160/ l4/43Dtd.2l/ 12/01.

One representative of OBC Association may be allowed in quarter alloment committee.

DRM/CWM/Unit incharge may attend the infmeeting at Div/ Workshop level meeting as & when held.(GM’(E)CCG’s letter No.E(SCT)l 160/ 14/43(OBC)Vol.X Dtd.l l/8/08.

The cast list of state /U T of OBC is valid only in recruitment of that particular state .(Board’s letter No.99-E(SCT)I/71/13 Dtd.l/9/99. Interference in the independent functuning of Zonal OBC Rly,By the office bearers of the federation is neither warranted nor desirable and beyond the provision of the by laws.Any request for removing the elected office bearers of the Zonal OBC Assoc.may be decided on merit as per the by-laws of the federation/Zonal OBC.(B0ard’s letter No.96-
E(SCT)l!7l/5 Dtd.l0/5/99.)

Post based roster have been implemented in D/R for 0BCs in lieu of vacancy Based Roster.(B0a1•d"s letter No.95-E(SCT)I/49/5(l) Dtd.2 l/ 8/97.

   Prepared By:

Ketan G.Khasia (Zonal President/OBC Association WR)
Rajesh S.Rokde (Divisional President/Zonal Asst. Sect.OBC WR)

From: Ketan G.Khasia
DKM’s office

With the efforts of OBC Association one non cash reservation counter was started at DRM office BVP in 2005.

Stoppage of 2971/2972 BVC-BDTS-Exp. at BVP Station.

Efforts for retaining of BVP Workshop at BVP & also demanded for BG Workshop at BVP.

Medical Health Check up camp was organized by Veraval Branch on 4-4-2001 268 employees have i taken

    thebenefit of camp.

Anti Malaria kit were distributed in Veraval at the time 1 of Heavy Flood in 2009.

Safety Related Retirement scheme seminar was organized on 22-5-2007 & 23-5-2007 at BVP & SOIN


Quality for life programme was organized by BWE/Rajkot at OBC Veraval Branch.

Shri Ketan G. Khasia Dvn. Secretary /BVP Division

Room No. 1 , Old Kendriya Vidhyalay

Behind Railway Institute,

Para - Bhavnagar

Email :- ketankhasia@gmail.com